Obstacles and Shortcomings

2011-01-19 19:31:35 by rogiferus

I'm having a hard time getting music out here; normalizing compressing really is frustrating - it's either too loud and fuzzy, on the other hand it's barely audible with the limiters and multipressors. What a drag. I should be getting back to music but I got 99 Mage so w00t

Obstacles and Shortcomings


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2011-01-19 20:43:33

look tha tutorials in here, they have tips on how 2 compress flash files/music....

also askl paragonx9 OR xx12 OR impedingriot

rogiferus responds:

Paragon's snares are so crisp they're phenomenal


2011-01-19 20:43:58

...And remove that emoticon.