Songs I'm Working On - January

2011-01-11 12:39:12 by rogiferus

I have these songs I can't finish, every time I'm ready to export I listen to it again and figure out something is missing. At this point I can't tell if I'm making the song more complete or gilding lilies. I'm working on these prominent electronica songs, titles are not final.

The City Inside the Moon
Whimsical song taking place inside the moon. What if the moon was already hollow and had a race of awkward aliens living in cities inside? This song will illustrate what it's like.

Phoenix Particle
Remake of Sunbeam City; slower, with feeling

Run Rapidash Run 2
Remake of Run Rapidash Run

Just started working on it

By product of Separate Ways

C'mon Ladies Work Those Thighs
80's dance workout routine track

Separate Ways
Remake of Separate Ways

Septic Waste
Parody of Separate Ways

Probably just going to be a DnB remake of Kactus Krunk.

Songs I'm Working On - January


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